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Karibu! Welcome to my writing site.

I’m Hannah Rasmussen.
Stained glass
broken for light to shine through,
upcycled by grace.
Family member, friend.
Sojourning to an eternal home.

I grew up as a missionary kid in Mwanza, Tanzania and later Nairobi. At Macalester College in Minnesota, USA, I studied English and Sociology and was very involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I was an editorial manager for the Africa Study Bible, authored Good News about Gender: A Bible Study for Young Adults, and edited Faithful Servants: The Legacy of Virgil and Ruth Rasmussen. As the next step in pursuing a call to ministry, I pursued a Masters of Divinity at Africa International University. I currently live in Nairobi, Kenya, editing Christian books by African authors and coaching people through the writing process with Oasis International Ltd. I like to sing, swim, sail, run, create, bake, read, play games, and more.

Care to introduce yourself? Write a comment or send an email. I’d love to hear your story!

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