Faithful Servants

The Legacy of Virgil & Ruth Rasmussen

2017-04-21 Rehearsal dinner C -- G.O.

I’ve released a new book honoring my grandparents! Check it out on Amazon.

About the book: Virgil and Ruth Rasmussen are not world famous. You won’t recognize their faces from television or their names from the papers. But they’ll be the Who’s Who in heaven, so you might as well get acquainted now.

From humble beginnings in northern Minnesota, each of them dedicated themselves to God and to his service. They ministered together straight from their honeymoon, serving faithfully their whole careers in small Pentecostal congregations throughout the Midwest.

Quietly, God used them to transform lives. A prayer for math students when there was a fire near town. Picking up kids for Sunday school and turning the parents’ lives around. A visit in the hospital or after a loved one had passed away. A grumbling congregant turned devotee. A brotherhood of pastors laughing together over doughnuts and goodies.

After retirement, they pastored churches in transition. They taught in Bible schools in Tanzania, where two of their sons were missionaries. Their wisdom, prayers, and sacrificial giving extended their influence globally.

They were faithful servants for 68 years of marriage, raising six children on faith, a shoestring pastor’s salary, and what Ruth earned teaching math and home economics. Now their legacy of love impacts 15 grandchildren, their spouses, and a growing crew of great-grandchildren.

This book tells the inside story of their walk with God, in their own words as well as from the perspective of family members and ministry colleagues. They wouldn’t think of themselves as heroic examples. Ruth would say she’s “Glad to be of service” and Virgil would exclaim what a privilege it is to be used by God in his glorious plan. That’s what makes them faithful servants.

Learn more about the book here.

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