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Do God’s Word & World conflict? What the creation story reveals (audio)

If God reveals himself in his creation as well as in the Bible, there shouldn’t be any conflict between science and Scripture… right? So how do we reconcile what seem to be different tales of our origins in Genesis 1 and scientific theories? I offer several interpretations to integrate the explanations and strengthen your faith in a trustworthy God. I preached this sermon to kick off our church’s journey through the Bible to rediscover God.

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Where are you, God? In exile with Esther (audio)

Where is God when terrible things happen to his people? The Jewish people face a genocide in the book of Esther, but God is never once mentioned. Is he still at work in our lives when we’re helpless and things couldn’t get worse? You can listen to it here.

Originally presented in a chapel service of Africa International University in Kenya.

God’s Children in an Era of Identity Crisis


In the US there have been many recent and competing conversations about different identities. It’s not wrong to identify with being a mother or a doctor or a pastor or a Republican or a Democrat or a Vikings fan or a Doctor Who fan or a woman or a person of color or a white person or a citizen of your country. So many of these identities are actually gifts from God – such as the talents, education, or job we have, the family and relationships we have. So many of these identities reflect the good and beautiful diversity of who God has created us to be and what we each appreciate about his world.

But our many good identities get warped into our whole self-image, which they were never meant to be. So our sense of self becomes so fragile that we can’t really love each other and work together because we’re insecure. There is a lot of pressure for us to put our main identity somewhere that will ultimately fail us. For the sake of ourselves, but also for the sake of the fabric of our whole society, we desperately need an identity that brings us together.

We are in an era of identity crisis. As Christians, we need to have better news than the news on TV. We need to have good news for this world. And I believe that part of that gospel is bringing people back to who they really are. I believe that this generation in this diverse society is hungry for a story that makes sense of who we are, which will then inspire us to live a transformed life.

Today we’re going to dig into one piece of who we are according to the Scriptures. It’s Father’s Day, and I do not nor will I ever have personal experience being a father. But I do know something about being a child. So today we’re going to talk about what it means to be God’s children.

That’s a snippet of what I preached at Bethel Christian Fellowship. Click here to listen to the rest.